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Scott Tedder
992 N 1100 E
Marion, IN

Phone/Text: 765-517-1280

We specialize in building custom tractor pulling chassis for Super Modified Tractors (SMT), 2WD trucks, and much more. Scott has been a lifelong pulling competitor with over 25 years of experience in the driver's seat of a multi-engine super modified tractor.

While still a competitor, this has also morphed into a business in which we strive to help other pullers succeed and win. The work we produce is meticulously engineered and requires passion and commitment every single day. Our affliction for and addiction to tractor pulling helps us create an excellent pulling program for our customers.

Tractor pulling is important to us, but we also believe in creating and maintaining relationships with our customers that last. We believe in you, and wait by the phone to hear how each and every event goes for you once our equipment goes from our hands to yours.

Tedder Pulling Performance Bigger ... Better ... Faster!

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